A beginner’s guide to achieving your daily steps at home

Even though lockdown has started to ease, many of us are still working from home. It can seem like a real challenge to get your steps in every single day. Think about it. To get to your kitchen it may be ten feet away, the bathroom is only down the corridor and there’s no real need to venture anywhere else. Plus, with all the work you need to get done for the day, it’s hard to keep moving.

With the rise of fitness gadgets like Apple Watches and Fitbits, people have become obsessed by tracking their steps. It has made counting your recommended 10,000 daily steps just that little bit easier. But it’s no good tracking your steps when you’re not even moving. So here are some creative ways to incorporate steps when you have limited space.

Choose a form of exercise you enjoy

It’s so important to decide on a form of exercise you enjoy, as you’ll be more likely to stick with it. An option could be having a dance party. Who says you can’t have one all by yourself? It may seem strange to begin with, but after a few seconds, when you’re all fired up with a banging playlist in the background, you’ll easily be working up a sweat and upping those steps.

A great place to start is watching The Fitness Marshall on YouTube. His sessions provide easy-to-follow dance workouts which barely even feel like working out. They make you feel as though you’re just jamming out to your favourite songs. But, if dancing isn’t your thing, that’s fine, find yourself a different workout routine. Another great place to start is The Body Coach TV. His routines range from workouts for beginners to those who want something more advanced.

Get yourself a workout step platform

If you really want to step up your game – literally – Amazon Prime yourself a step platform. There is a wide selection of these to choose from. This is a great option if you don’t have any stairs or steps in your building that you can use to walk up and down on. It’s just a simple way to raise your step count whilst staying in the same place. Also, do you want to know what the best part is? You can do this all whilst watching Netflix.

Shop Denny Shop 2 Level Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Yoga Step at Amazon, £19.99

Pace around the room

Pacing can be a great way to rack up your steps when you’re stuck at home, as it helps to get your body moving. Being stuck at home, you may be spending more time on the phone as face-to-face encounters are no longer on the table. So maybe try to pace up and down your room whilst taking a call, instead of just being stationary or just sitting down. You can also do this whilst listening to your favourite playlist or podcast you’re interested in and pace around for its duration.

Make achieving your steps a competition 

Steps. Pic: Freepik

If your friends are on the same page as you and want to up their steps, hold a mini competition with them. Firstly, decide on a daily step goal – this is just however many steps you want to achieve each day – then see who the best has been at hitting the target after each week. This not only helps you stay connected with your friend, whilst unable to see each other in lockdown, but will also help motivate you to keep moving. If you both have Apple Watches, you can share your activity with each other and you will be sent notifications on their progress.

Set activity reminders

Setting alerts. Pic: Freepik

Spending many months working from home, it can be hard to get out of the habit of staying seated for hours, without having a break to even stand up. Fortunately, nowadays most fitness tracking devices – whether you own a Fitbit or Apple Watch – let you set reminders, encouraging you to move and get your steps up. Just think of all the extra steps you could be doing if you make the effort to add in some movement to your day each hour.

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