Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in the Spencer trailer

Kristen Stewart starring as Princess Diana. Pic: NEON

Royal enthusiasts, listen up. Kristen Stewart will play the role of Princess Diana in Spencer, a brand new film based on the late Princess of Wales, based in the 1990s.

Spencer is a historical/drama movie written by Steven Knight and directed by Pablo Larrain. Although a teaser was released back in August, the full trailer was only released yesterday.

We will see Stewart grace movie screens at Spencer’s release in theatres on 5 November.

What will the movie be about?

The movie will cover three days of Diana’s life around Christmas and at the Sandringham, one of the royal’s estates. During this time, her marriage with Prince Charles is decreasing and she contemplates leaving the royal family. 

Between the struggles with the royals, the tension with Prince Charles, being there for her children, and maintaining her public image, Diana was undeniably struggling. The trailer highlights the two sides of Diana, the playful and casual one and the fancy, royal Diana.

Finding herself will be her biggest struggle, she says: “There’s no hope for me. Not with them.” The trailer ends with Diana saying, “Will they kill me, do you think?” 

The likeliness between Stewart and the princess is uncanny. The 31-year-old seems to depict the princess perfectly with her on-screen performance.

Looks like it will be one GREAT movie to watch, so mark 5 November on your calendars and make sure not to miss it!

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