A first look at Emily in Paris season 2

Emily in Paris season 2. Pic: Netflix

Do you miss Emily in Paris? Ready to fall in love with it again? Well, the wait is finally over! *SCREAMS*

Pictures have been roaming around for the past few days as Netflix reveals the first photos from Emily in Paris season 2. It’s all everyone has been talking about and we’re here to give you the latest updates.

Emily, Mindy and Camille. Pic: Netflix

Emily in Paris is set to premiere this year on 22 December. So far it has been revealed that two new characters are introduced in season 2. One of which being Alfie, a love interest, played by Lucien Laviscount.

Watch the teaser for Emily in Paris season 2 below:

Season 2 will be more focused on the love triangle between Emily, Gabriel, and his girlfriend. Emily tries to stay distracted with work as she meets an expat, Alfie in French class and that will play a significant role in her life.

Camille, Emily and Mindy. Pic: Netflix

Until we get further details regarding the release date or the season 2, here are more pictures released by Netflix. Make sure to stay on the lookout for updates!

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