What we’re hoping to see in Euphoria season 2

To say season one of Euphoria was a whirlwind would be the understatement of the century. Viewers of the HBO tv-show have been waiting in anticipation for over two years for the next season to grace our television screens.

With Covid-19 putting a delay on recording, the second season only began filming in April 2021. However, we weren’t completely deprived of content as in December, viewers and fans, saw a short two-part special where the plot followed Rue and Jules separately.

With filming still underway of season 2, we have had lots of time to reflect on what there is to come for our favourite characters. Whether you’re interested in Rue’s sobriety, Jules’ feelings towards Rue, the next steps in Kat’s cam girl empire, or even Cassie telling McKay about the abortion, there’s lots of unanswered questions that us viewers are seeking to be answered in the second upcoming series.

Rue & Jules

Rue and Jules. Pic: HBO

The only characters featured during the two-part special were our favourite girls, Rue & Jules. The end of season one saw Jules running off to LA and leaving Rue behind. This followed into Rue’s relapse, in possibly one of the show’s most breathtaking moments. In the special, we found out that Rue survived her overdose and Jules was brought back from the city by her dad. With both girls left feeling lost and unsure about their relationship, Rue blames Jules for her relapse, and Jules can’t decide whether she loves Rue or Tyler a.k.a Nate.

The specials were less of a story progression and instead offered insights into the characters,. The episodes were beautifully scripted but left all the strings untied. Next season we’re looking for an end to their modern day “will they, won’t they” storyline. However, with what we’ve seen so far of Rue’s and Jules’ personalities, this may not be as simple as we hoped.


Kat. Pic: HBO

Barbie Ferreira was the breakaway star of season one and her character, Kat, had potentially the best character arc of all. The virginal, stroppy Kat of episode one quickly made way for the cam girl entrepreneur she morphed into. We loved to watch her use her sexuality to make bank but how will that affect her new relationship with Ethan?

While we love to see them together, will Ethan be jealous? Who was the creepy customer she had to cut off? Her business only seems to be progressing so we’ve got our fingers crossed it won’t jeopardise one of our favourite couples of the show.

Maddy & Nate

Maddy and Nate. Pic: HBO

Maddy and Nate’s toxic relationship was probably the most frustrating storyline in season one. Nate’s daddy issues don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon after his breakdown arose when he confronted his father, Cal.

There is also an underlying question surrounding Nate’s sexuality and his cache of dick pics in season one. Let’s also not forget that Maddy still has the DVD of Jules & Cal’s encounter.

Season one left Maddy and Nate on the dance floor, acknowledging how hideous their relationship was with their overwhelming jealously. Although Nate was acquitted of assaulting Maddy, will Tyler and Jules keep up the ruse that he didn’t strangle Maddy? We’re praying that these two stay away from each other in season two for their own sake but it isn’t looking too hopeful.

Cassie & McKay

Cassie and McKay. Pic: HBO

At the end of season one, Cassie & McKay’s seemingly unbreakable relationship was brought to a halt with the revelation that Cassie was pregnant. McKay made it clear that he wanted her to get an abortion which she did, and Cassie was left with the results at the winter formal.

After the events unfolded, we didn’t see McKay’s reaction. Will he fight for Cassie or will he return to college without a second thought? We hope that Cassie gets the love in season two that she so rightfully deserves.


Fezco. Pic: HBO

We shouldn’t love the drug dealing, gun toting bad boy that is Fezco and yet, he seems to be the most emotionally stable of the cast. Fezco spent most of season one trying to keep Rue away from drugs but more worryingly from Mouse, the terrifying drug supplier who tried to push fentanyl on a clean Rue. Unfortunately for Fezco, a by-product of helping Rue was a run-in with Nate, who reported him to the police in retaliation for threatening to expose Nate’s dad as a paedophile. Fezco was left to flush his entire stash down the toilet, therefore leaving him unable to pay Mouse. In a truly ingenious move he robbed Mouse’s supplier, planning to pay Mouse with his own money but at the last hurdle it seems Mouse sussed him out.

We have no idea what happened to Fezco after these events unfolded but we assume it wasn’t good. We’re hoping that he returns as a series regular to the second season nonetheless.

Season two doesn’t have a release date yet but we’re sure that means a truly phenomenal season is heading our way. We can’t wait to see the old faces we know and love with even the possibly of fresh faces on the way too. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As Fezco would say, ‘Til then.

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