Simple cleansing mistakes that you could be making

Skincare. Pic: Getty Images

Since an early age, you’ll have probably known that washing your face is a necessary step in any skincare routine. With the number of times you’ve done this in your life, the process must almost be second nature by now. So, it’s pretty easy, right? However, it turns out that washing your face isn’t as cut and dry as you may have thought. In fact, if you’re not cleansing properly, the signs will start to show.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to find out what simple and common face cleansing mistakes that you could be making and how you can rectify them.

You’re not washing your hands before touching your face

Hand washing. Pic: Getty Images

This mistake is easily done so don’t be harsh on yourself if you’re guilty of this! Before thinking about cleansing your face, you should make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to ensure they are completely clean before you put them on your face. Even if you think that your hands don’t feel or look dirty, it’s always best to wash them before touching your face. Think about it, you touch a lot of things in your day-to-day life, and this will inevitably reach your face if you’re not careful.

Using purely face wipes to remove your makeup

Using make-up wipes. Pic: Getty Images

Despite its popularity, it might be time to break up with the face wipes. Yes, we know that they’re the easy option especially after a night out, but at what price is this costing your skin? Most makeup wipes are crammed with chemicals that, sure, will dissolve your makeup, but surfactants tend to aggravate the skin. Not to mention the tugging and rubbing involved when removing stubborn clumps of mascara. All that pulling on your skin is a definite no-no.

Instead, why not opt for a gentler first cleanse? This can be done through dousing a cotton round in micellar water or gently massaging a few pumps of cleansing oil to remove the makeup. If you really can’t bear to part with your makeup wipes, make sure to follow through with a second cleanse with a gel-based cleanser to remove the remaining makeup and cleanse the skin.

You’re using harsh cleansers on oily skin

Cleansers. Pic: @thebeautyfridgeofficial

Of course, it may seem logical to go hardcore to combat oily skin, and decide on using rough, grainy, astringent cleansers that will clear the grease away. But in reality, if the products you are using are too harsh for your skin to handle, you’ll end up making the problem worse. When the skin is being stripped of its natural oils its immediate response is to produce more to overcompensate.

If you do have oily skin a great option is The Inkey list Salicylic Acid Cleanser, which still lifts excess oil from pores without the dry and tight feeling that gets left behind.

Altering water temperatures

Water. Pic: Getty Images

Contrary to popular belief, your pores do not open and close. Pores are nothing more than tiny openings in your skin. So of course, the temperature of the water does not affect them, hot water doesn’t open pores and cold water will definitely not close them either. Although, switching from hot to cold water will put your skin into shock, so keep your tap on lukewarm whenever you’re washing your face.

Thinking one cleanse will do

Cleansing skin. Pic: Getty Images

Is one cleanse enough? Really think about all the products we put on our faces – serums, moisturisers and sunscreens can build up over time.This isn’t even including the makeup we wear, the sweat and oils we produce throughout the day, as well as pollution from the air. You’ll soon realise that just one cleanse per day is only scratching at the surface.

That’s why at night, once you’ve rinsed your first cleanse off, you should go in with a second cleanse, preferably with a gel-based cleanser that lathers up. The extra lather will work down deep into pores to remove the oil and dirt build-up.

Scrubbing with a harsh exfoliator

Exfoliator. Pic: Getty Images

The feeling of softened, freshly scrubbed skin can simply not be beat, it is totally addictive, and we could do it every day. However, definitely do not do this. Scrubs are what’s known as physical exfoliants and can cause micro-tears on your skin.

Instead, you should opt for a chemical exfoliant twice a week, which comes in a liquid form. A great example is the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Use this in the evening and the next morning you’ll experience smoothness without the hassle of irritation.

Ignoring the ingredient list

Skincare ingredients. Pic: Getty Images

Most of us are guilty of only reading the front of our beauty packaging. When we skip the ingredients list at the back, we’re missing out on the important stuff, such as what active ingredients it contains or the chemicals it includes.

For instance, the ingredient sodium lauryl sulphate is a highly common foaming agent in many skincare products but is also harsh on the skin when used regularly. Fragrance is another irritating ingredient and is an unnecessary addition to any skincare product. So, it’s worth exploring your beauty products deeper next time you’re browsing in shops like Boots.

Soaking up cream cleansers

Cream cleanser. Pic: Getty Images

Cream cleansers are amazing, aren’t they? They are soothing on dry and sensitive skin, so it may be tempting to let them sit on our skin for a while so our pores can soak up the product and the benefits. But stop right there! These cleansers should never be left on the skin to sink in. Once they do, they become less effective at cleansing the surface of the skin.

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