What is Hello Fresh, and should you try it?

By now, it seems as if everyone has heard of the meal-kit company, Hello Fresh. From their range of delicious and vibrant looking television adverts to celebrity endorsements, it’s hard to forget about. But what is it? And should you try it?

Jamie Oliver X Hello Fresh. Pic: Hello Fresh

In recent months, the company has sky rocketed in sales and has seen popular celebrities showcasing their products. With figures like Claudia Winkleman, Roman Kemp, Maura Higgins, Emily Attack, among others, they have definitely gained quite the following. The company has previously also teamed up with popular chef, Jamie Oliver, showcasing some of his recipes in their meal-kits.

Hello Fresh is a concept that first started in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. It operates in Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Western Europe. The concept is simple: it delivers meal ingredients with easy recipes right to your doorstep every week. You can skip a week or cancel any time to prepare healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.

Hello Fresh targets any age group and prides themselves on saving you money, time, and stress. Don’t worry if you’re not the next Gordon Ramsay because Hello Fresh provides each recipe with a step by step guide, suitable for even the worst of cooks.

But how does it work? First, you must sign up, create an account, and add your information. After that, you can choose from the different meal plans that cater to various people’s tastes, according to your preference and plan size. Prices start from £3.25/pp.

‘Our Recipe Box’. Pic: Hello Fresh

With Hello Fresh’s extension range of categories, you’re bound find something suitable for you, no matter your lifestyle. The Meat and Veggie meals are the classic option with choices of either chicken, meat, or fish. The vegetarian options include plant-based foods. The Family-Friendly meals are quick, easy, and child friendly! The Quick and Easy meals for those who are extremely low tight on time. (The Pescatarian and Calorie Count meals are available for some countries.)

After choosing the plan, there are A LOT of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking on the Hello Fresh website or on the designated Hello Fresh app, you can easily pick and choose your meals from the week. It’s easy to add additional meals and check specific details like nutritional facts, steps for cooking, ingredients, as well as preparation time. There’s no food waste, as the portion will be according to the number of people in the household.

‘On The Menu’ – Screenshot from the website

Why should you be trying it? Aside from it being a fun and easy concept, it’s a complete time saver. Everything is packed in one box and delivered; all you must do is cook, prepare the meal, and enjoy! It’s fast, convenient and the ingredients are fresh and of high quality. It’s budget-friendly and environment friendly with no food waste.

Don’t worry about what to cook for the upcoming week. Check Hello Fresh out and place your order! Bon appetit!

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