Best apps to improve your health and well-being

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It’s no secret that we all need to strive for less screen time, but like it or not, it’s an important part of our health and well-being. Almost everything nowadays is done through smartphones.

With the power of today’s technology, we are extremely fortunate to have access to a wide range of resources online, as well as offline, for little to no cost at all. Your well-being is the most important part of everyday life.

If you’re in need of an app to support your wellbeing, you have plenty of options. Here we’ll share our pick of the best wellbeing, meditation and sleep apps right now.


Calm. Pic: The App Store

Calm is the ideal app if you struggle with stress and need to get yourself in the right mindset. The 360-degree concept is perfect for whether you need help sleeping, require tools to try mindfulness, or you just want to try meditation to help reset a troubled mind. Plus, you can tap into audio programmes taught by some of the world’s best mindfulness experts, all whilst enjoying a selection of relaxing imagery and music.

Download Calm now

My Possible Self

My Possible Self. Pic: The App Store

If mental health is a concern for you, My Possible Self, could be the app you didn’t know that you needed. My Possible Self is featured in the NHS apps gallery of recognised wellbeing resources, and is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The app allows you to reframe the future in a positive way, even in times of uncertainty, while reminding you how far you have come. Even though it’s goal-based, it is far from competitive. It offers learning modules that help you achieve goals from problem solving to managing your fears.

Download My Possible Self now


Noom. Pic: The App Store

If you’re looking to change the way you think about food and dieting to become healthier in your mind and body, why not check out Noom? Based on the psychology of food and our behaviours towards it, Noom focuses on changing your mindset and habits, rather than cutting out foods and following an intense fitness regime. The information offered is recommended by a team of nutritionists, behaviour psychologists, and personal trainers. It provides one-to-one health coaching, articles to motivate you, and fun health quizzes. Plus, there are tools to track your weight, exercise, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Download Noom now

Deliciously Ella 

Deliciously Ella. Pic: The App Store

Created by popular lifestyle blogger Deliciously Ella, the app brings her delectable plant-based recipes straight to the convenience of your phone, acting as a virtual recipe book in your very pocket. There are over six hundred nutritious dishes to choose from. Also included is a personalised wellness plan and an intuitive daily tracking tool to monitor your exercise, plant-based diet, water consumption, sleep, and mindfulness. 

Download Deliciously Ella now


Flo. Pic: The App Store

Flo is one of the best menstrual cycle apps right now, particularly for those looking to plan around their periods. Flo is currently the number one mobile product for women’s health and there’s a reason why. The app tracks periods, fertility, ovulation and offers a great insight throughout the month about how your body is working at specific times of the month. Also, the app now features a pin code lock, great for making you feel secure if you’re worried about privacy.

Download Flo now


Exhale. Pic: The App Store

Exhale is the first emotional wellbeing app targeted towards black, indigenous women of colour (BIWOC). The app inspires rest, mindfulness, and self-care through content curated by BIWOC. This includes coaching talks, affirmations, breath work, mediations, and guided visualisations. Exhale was created as a place that you can visit as often as you like to find refuge and healing, as BIWOC face systems of oppression every day that cause hurt and harm to their mind, soul and body.

Download Exhale now

Results Wellness Lifestyle

Results Wellness Lifestyle. Pic: The App Store

Results Wellness Lifestyle is known for ‘blasting the boredom out of online fitness’ since 2013, all through the comfort of your own home. It prides itself on the ability to house all of your health apps in one place with over a thousand workouts, eight hundred healthy recipes, over a hundred mindset courses, and weekly live workout classes. A great addition to the app is the ‘pain clinic’ as it helps manage back pain, which comes in handy after an intense workout.

Download Results Wellness Lifestyle now


Headspace. Pic: The App Store

Headspace is probably the most famous wellbeing app out there right now. The app broke new grounds after launching in 2010, offering individuals with no experience of meditation, mindfulness, visualisation techniques a source of information and guidance. It is a literal workout for the brain. Users reported improved alertness, better attention spans as well as feeling instantly calmer.

Download Headspace now


Sleepio. Pic: The App Store

Sleep is the most integral way we can rest and recharge our minds and bodies but at these times of uncertainty or anxiety, it is often one of the first things to lose sync. Sleepio is specifically designed for insomnia yet works perfectly for a wide range of sleep issues as it is modelled in the footsteps of cognitive behavioural therapy. To start using the app simply complete the sleep diary and work through your concerns with a virtual therapist. This uses lessons and mindfulness tools to help you drop off into a restful slumber.

Download Sleepio now

TruConnect by TV.FIT

TruConnect by TV.FIT. Pic: The App Store

TruConnect by TV.FIT is a fitness and wellness community app aimed to encourage a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on behavioural change. This app allows you to access hundreds of workout programmes, some of which are run by popular bloggers and influencers. Plus, you can gain access to mental health and lifestyle e-books created by Dr Chris Williams, one of the few whose work is prescribed by the NHS, as well as behavioural change content leading doctors.

Download TruConnect by TV.FIT now

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