10 hairstyles to inspire our new post-lockdown haircuts

Hairdressers reopen. Pic: Getty Images

The year 2021 has already been filled with unexpected twists and turns but fear not, we’re still optimistically planning to make the most of what’s left of this year. We’ve already started mentally assembling outfits on trend for and after 21 June, as well as the best places to dine out in the next few months. With so much uncertainty still lingering, there’s one thing that we all have on our minds – what hairstyle are you going to opt for at the hairdressers?

If you cast your mind back to March last year, when hairdressers across the country were forced to close their doors, no one could’ve foreseen the impact it would’ve had. Those who couldn’t bear the thought of out-grown roots had little option but to familiarise themselves with at-home box dyes. Others with shorter hair or fringes had to get to grips with a pair of hairdressing scissors quite quickly. 

Some of you may have found this liberating and have since adopted a more low-maintenance hair routine, but for others time away from the hairdresser’s chair has only reaffirmed their love of the salon. 

We’ve decided to put together some inspiration for hairstyles if you can’t decide on what post-lockdown haircut to go for.

Soft Balayage 

When it comes to colouring your hair, you don’t want something that requires too much precision, so why not try something softer like natural balayage. With the disturbance of Covid and salons being closed for months on end, most of us are stepping away from styles like highlights as it is high-maintenance and difficult to maintain at home.

Balayage is a hair colouring technique where the colour is applied freehand to create natural looking highlights and depth that gives a sun-lightening effect at the tips and around the face. It’s also a lot easier to manage. Plus doing this will see you through those longer gaps between appointments, which is a smart move in these times of uncertainty.

The Mane

Last year was all about the curly bob trend. Picture “polished graduated bob for those with ringlets and very curly hair,” says Ricky Walters, owner of SALON46. In 2021, the look progressed into ‘The Mane’. This is seen as “a look designed to turn heads,” describes Ricky and “allows curly hair to be bigger and better, all while holding its shape.” The key is to “cut the hair freehand without even using a comb,” says Ricky. 

The Classic Bob

Whilst certain hair trends come and go, there’s one look that will never be out of fashion and that’s a bob haircut. At first the crop may be intimidating but is simply a classic for a reason. Going chin-length is attention-grabbing and draws all focus to the face. Plus, it’s just way less hair to deal with.

There are many variations of the bob to choose from. This usually depends on your hair type and comfort level. Whether you opt for a textured, choppy style or a blunt cut, short hair manages to look both modern and classic. 

The Classic Lob

If you’re not quite ready for a bob or still want some length to your hair, you can sit somewhere between a bob and long lengths. The style is called the ‘lob’. It emerged to satisfy those looking for a change post-lockdown without steering too far away from their comfort zone.

The main reason it’s so uniformly appealing is because it makes a drastic enough haircut for those with long hair looking to go shorter, and it’s slinky enough to look like you’ve simply been too busy to go for a cut if you’re growing out a bob. Either way, it makes for a slightly more rebellious and cool shape.

Universally flattering on all hair types and face shapes, the chic cut is loved by many for its face framing abilities and minimal maintenance upkeep and versatility. 

Ash Blonde Hair

As of late, we’ve been noticing a pattern on our social media feeds. That pattern is that blonde hair is going from warmer tones to much cooler tones. The trend is known as ash-blonde hair, and we have a strong feeling it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ash blonde hair looks stunning when balanced out with dark roots and is a shade that flatters almost everyone. Whether you’re aiming to create a dusky platinum look or a bronde with a hint of silver-grey, this versatile colour will suit all eye colours and skin tones.

The Bardot Fringe

After the countless lockdowns in 2020, a lot of us with fringes are in desperate need of a trim, especially those who have not dared to cut it themselves. However, time away from the hair salon may have made you realise that you prefer your fringe a little longer, framing each side of your face.

If this is the case, you should ask your hair stylist to give you a softer, more Bardot or Birkin-esque bangs that gives off a cool, French-girl hair vibe. This look could be here for a while as we’ve grown accustomed to our no fuss quick morning routines, favouring conditioning treatments over laborious styling sessions. 

Curly Hair with Layers

No matter your hair length, one of the biggest trends for 2021 will be choppier layers and copious amounts of them. Adding shorter layers at the front helps frame and define the face. This look also helps to add more dimension to the longer and mid-length hair. It’s a perfect look if you feel like throwing your hair up and leaving some strands of hair falling from the sides.

The Glossy Blow-Out 

As much as we all enjoyed a laid-back texture throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we’re starting to get tired of loungewear and messy buns. Instead, we want something ultra-sleek and smooth. Instead of the messy beach wave look, the glossy blowout style is stunningly slick. It’s modern and immaculate feel is the type of occasion hairstyle we’re looking forward to once lockdown is over. So, if you love the look of this, book yourself an appointment with your favourite hairdresser and ask for this style.

The Natural Shaggy Texture

Now more than ever people are embracing their natural textures, so curls and natural waves are definitely having their moment this year. To create this effortless look and create tons of texture, it can either be done by braiding the hair or through using tactical heat styling, such as curlers that have one or two barrels. This is a hairstyle that can be worn and grown without too much attention, and they stay looking strong with you.

Long Layers

Although lobs and bobs are popular, long wavy hair can be less demanding at times. A long layered, wavy cut is a look that stands the test of time as it has been an effortless look in the past as well as right now. Layers are the key. If you have layers in your hair you won’t have to go back to the salon all that often to get them freshened up. Whereas blunt, one-length styles, can sometimes require more maintenance.

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