The top UK small businesses that you should support

If the pandemic has taught us anything then it’s to shop small. Hardworking small businesses have had it the toughest this past year and in whatever way we can, we’ll support them. It is without question that you should shop small, even when restrictions start to lift. Although described as a “small” business, the time, work, and effort that goes into these businesses, definitely doesn’t lack in capability.

We’ve seeked out the top small businesses that you should support.

Manchester Wax Melts @manchester.waxmelts

Bee inspired wax melts. Pic: @manchester.waxmelts

Helping with our wax melts obsession, Manchester Wax Melts, offers the cutest designs with their wide selection of available melt waxes. Recognisable for iconic bee designs with their wax melts and also their logo, whilst also being a Manchester-based business, we feel even more encouraged to shop with this friendly small business.

Manchester Wax Melts was first created during the second lockdown and initially started as a hobby. With success and popularity, it eventually turned into a business! The first wax melts that were created were of bees and being from Manchester, the name, Manchester Wax Melts, was more than fitting. In their range of bee-related products, you can also find a bee burner gift box! The box contains a bee bunsen burner, 4 bee wax melts, 2 snap bars, and 2 tea lights!

Not only can you find bee-related themes in their wax melts but you can also enjoy the delicious smelling fragrances of their budget-friendly snapbars, famous body candles, and much more! All wax melts are made using eco soya wax that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The fragrance oils used are of high quality to ensure they give off the best scent. All fragrance are also vegan-friendly meaning and are cruelty-free.

Instagram: @manchester.waxmelts

Belle and Bear @shopbelleandbear

Down to Earth Tote Collection. Pic: @shopbelleandbear

The sustainable brand, Belle and Bear, is a Worcestershire-based company, that creates an amazing range of products to better the environment. The online jewellery and tote business is run by a friendly businesswoman, Izzy. Belle and Bear prides itself on being sustainable, affordable, and adorable.

Belle and Bear were originally founded in June 2020 with a starting point of a silver-plated jewellery range, which has now currently expanded to the addition of gold-plated earrings and necklaces. The company also offers a great selection of cotton tote bags, along with their bead ear-rings, rings, and crystal range.

The pieces are handmade and are irresistible. The small business comes out with frequent launches of new jewellery and new totes with updated designs that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Their new tote range is the recent Down to Earth collection, released at the beginning of May. You can find that the totes retail for £7 but you can get a discounted price on the new Down to Earth collection by using the code, ‘NEWTOTES10’.

Instagram: @shopbelleandbear

E L L I E W I L L I A M S @elliewilliams_studio

Digital art body positivity. Pic: @elliewilliams_studio

If you love colourful art and you love body positivity then the artist, Ellie Williams, is perfect for you. She offers creative artwork with an amazing message. The Instagram page, @elliewilliams_studio, was initially created during lockdown as a way for the artist to reconnect with her creative side. Originally created as a personal project, Ellie was amazed when people started to ask her about commissions.

The small UK business, Ellie Williams Studio, offers creative digital artwork prints. In her own unique way, she experiments with a range of colours and a fun style design. The business has become popular for the abundance of colours and body-positive message within her artwork. Her budget-friendly pieces have the ability to brighten up any room that you walk into.

No matter if you want to purchase her previous artwork designs or you’re interested in creative commissions, Ellie Williams, is able to accommodate any of your needs. She always wants to portray the message of self-love and does so, no matter what design she creates. Inclusivity is extremely important to this artist and finds that creative relatable art is extremely empowering.

Instagram: @elliewilliams_studio

Made By Mabel

Female and male dog bandanas. Pic:

If you own a little animal and you want it to own some of the best and most creative pieces on the market then it’s only a necessity that you make a purchase by supporting the small UK business, Made by Mabel. She offers a wide selection of bandanas, bows, and personalised accessories for your furry little friend.

The small UK business was created by the amazingly talented 15-year-old, Amelia. Made by Mabel was created during the lockdown of Covid-19 when her first puppy arrived. She always enjoyed sewing and making pieces for her best friends so it was inevitable that her hobby would eventually turn into a creative and successful business. The first lot of bows and bandanas were initially sold to friends.

Almost one year from its initial release, Made by Mabel has now successfully sold over 2,000 accessories and has been shipped worldwide. Amelia spends hours sourcing new and unique fabrics to accommodate her new and frequent releases of creative designs. Nothing makes her happier than her pup Mabel and seeing pictures of dogs wearing her products.


NM The Edit @nmtheedit

Personalised gifts. Pic: Kyla Magazine of NM The Edit products

A business that offers the perfect gifts with personalisation, NM The Edit, can personalise almost anything! They offer a wide selection of customisable gifts and are also extremely accommodating to any other ideas that their customers may have.

NM The Edit offers a large range of products that can be personalised like gift bags, keyrings, wine glasses, mugs, and many more. They’re also a stockist of the highly popular and customisable, Starbucks cups. This small UK business’s mission is to create a luxury gift experience with the motto, ‘it’s all in the details.’ They pride themselves on focusing on the attention to detail with their products, as well as customer experience and packaging.

Not only do they create personalised and customisable products but they love to promote positivity through the act of kindness and inspirational quotes in their packaging and also across their social media pages. With new products launching frequently and the act of customisable, you’ll find the most perfect gifts for anyone.

Instagram: @nmtheedit

we burn free @weburnfree_

Blue and grey candles. Pic @weburnfree_

If you’re a victim to some seriously amazing and creative candles in some of the most delicious smelling scents then you need to check out the UK small business, we burn free. The owner stocks the famous and popular and body-positive female body candles, along with many other creative designs. Her business has also become highly popular for her creative dog candles that come in an array of colours.

Products from we burn free are fully customisable and can be made into pretty much any colour with any scent of your choosing from a wide collection of great smelling scents. Fragrances include cosy cashmere, white chocolate cookie, gold orchid, and many others! All of we burn free’s soy candles are vegan and cruelty-free. The owner specialises in quirky moulded candles.

The UK small business was first created in November 2020. Based in Greater Manchester, we burn free offers nationwide and international delivery. The idea first came about after the business owner saw a candle on Instagram and thought, ‘I can make that!’

Instagram: @weburnfree_

Cherith Loper @cherith.loper

Handmade mini stud ear-rings. Pic: @cherithloper

The UK small business, Cherith Loper, offers some of the most creatively beautiful jewellery pieces that you can purchase on the market. As seen in Vogue (OMG), the large variety of available earrings available from this UK small business are nothing but essential to complete any and every outfit.

With new collections releasing frequently and always a promise of beautiful colours and designs, you can find earring styles from Cherith Loper like hoops, studs, and also dangles. These jewellery statements are the optimism of fashion and you’ll fall a victim to increasing your collection of these earrings in your jewellery box. It’s true when they say, ‘I have too many earrings – said no on ever.’

The Belfast based small business sculpt each individual earring to make each piece completely unique and individual. The artist says that her jewellery comes from the experience of her past acrylic pours. The designs of the business owner’s earrings are some of the most creative and beautiful adaptions to jewellery that you’ve ever seen.

Instagram: @cherith.loper

Sweet Baked Sensations @sweet_baked_sensations

Cookie dough brownie box. Pic: Sweet Baked Sensations Official Website

Deliciously baked streets straight to your doorstep? Yes please! Sweet Baked Sensations offers delicious baked goods to your door in mouth-watering flavours. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the options of brownies, cookies and cakes.

With delivery available nationwide, keep an eye out for the next dispatch available since these goodies are made fresh. No matter what type of bake you’ve ordered, you’ll be waiting in anticipation at your doorstep for the arrival. We warn you now, it’s very unlikely that you’ll want to share. If you’re ordering some of the popular postal brownies they enjoy delicious and popular flavours like kinder, oreo, biscoff, triple chocolate brownie, and the brand new flavour, cookie dough.

Sweet Baked Sensations launched in 2019 and the initial target was to secure a few Christmas orders but the owner found himself with over 190 boxes! The business has become very popular during lockdown as people want to treat themselves with these sweet baked goodies. With a highly successful Instagram page, the love for this delicious baking is just endless.

Enjoy delicious treats with the discount code, ‘kylamagazine’.

Instagram: @sweet_baked_sensations

Doo-kee @thedookee

Every colour of doo-kee available. Pic: @thedookee

Make your life easier, as well as your furry friend’s, by purchasing a Doo-Kee. They’re becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and amazingly handy design for those people that are sick and tired of having to walk miles without finding a suitable bin to store your dog’s business. Doo-Kee is simplicity and convenience at its finest to help dog walkers with the amazing creation in an array of vibrant colours.

Based in Somerset, and composed of a father-son team, the initial creation of Doo-Kee was aimed to make dog walks more enjoyable and to prevent walking routes from getting littered with used poo bags. The idea was invented from the inevitability that a dog owner will be left holding poo bags without a bin in sight.

Designed for convenience, Doo Kee makes you and your furry friend’s life that little bit easier. With its easy design to hold knotted litter bags, it avoids the inconvenience of having to them during your entire walk. The main aim for Doo-Kee is to get one on every lead with every dog in the UK and then around the world! Alongside this, they aim to diversify and develop new products and idea to make walks with your best friend even more enjoyable.

Instagram: @thedookee

The Kentish Soap Company @kentishsoap

Rose Garden Bath Truffle Pic: The Kentish Soap Company Official Website

The Kentish Soap Company is the perfect sustainable brand that will have you feeling and smelling fabulous. The independent and family-run business is located in Kent and was originally starting after releasing that commercial hand washes cause dry and cracked skin. After investigation, the UK business sourced to create products that didn’t include sulphates.

Originally selling their goods at local farmer markets and local events, the business has successfully progressed and boomed in popularity. As a business that originally started on the kitchen-table business, it has now won awards for their products, including the national Janey Loves Platinum Awards and a Bronze award in the European Free From Skincare Awards.

The company prides themselves on their eco-friendly products and their recognition as a Thames Estuary Visionary. All products are free from artificial colours and fragrances, sustainable, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free with plastic-free packaging. Their ingredients are also all sourced as ethically as possible! For example, their shea butter is sourced from a women’s co-operation in Africa where all proceeds go directly to the family. You can find products like facial bars, soap bars, body butters, bath salts, bath truffles, bath bombs, and even soy wax candles. The products are handmade by the owners in small patches.

Instagram: @kentishsoap

DIPSODA @dipsoda

Dipsoda stylish phone cases. Pic: @dipsoda

Make a statement with the stylish and ultimately fabulous phone case designs from DIPSODA. With a great selection of colourful designs and stylish trends, dress your phone in the best fashion that phones can find, whilst remaining fresh and protected.

Originally founded in 2017, the innovative lifestyle brand for phone cases and accessories strives to provide stylish designs for every phone type. DIPSODA is always looking at ways to expand its accessory range and stay up to date with current trends and styles. They pride themselves on collaborating themes from all corners of the Earth to bring breathtaking designs into your everyday life.

With frequent releases of new colours and styles, DIPSODA is the perfect business to keep your phone fashionable all year round. To make things a little more personal then why don’t you customise your case with an array of colourful and stylish designs and an initial of your choice? Alternatively, check out their amazing collections of marble, spring, pastel, floral, and topical designs.

Instagram: @dipsoda

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