The most Instagram worthy restaurants in London that you need to visit

With lockdown restrictions easy very soon, it’s time to take a look at the most instagrammable restaurants that we can enjoy inside – rather than freezing ourselves outside! It’s now time to gather up with loved ones and friends, enjoy a good meal (possibly a cocktail… or two), and catch up on everything we’ve missed! But where to go?

If you’re into trying exciting and cute restaurants around London then benefit from our Instagram worthy guide! We can’t visit unique places without sharing them on Instagram, right? 

Circolo Popolare

Located in Central London and behind Oxford Street, Circolo Popolare is a restaurant and a bar that offers delicious Italian cuisine and homemade Italian gelato. This restaurant is decorated with fairy lights, plants covering the ceiling, and 20,000 bottles lining on the walls. Make sure to reserve a table guarantee entry. For more information, check this out or on Big Mamma’s Instagram page.

Circolo Popolare. Pic: Luke Abrahams

Bloomsbury Street Kitchen

A restaurant that combines Japanese and Mediterranean food, Bloomsbury Street Kitchen is in Central London near the British Museum. What’s so special about this place is that it’s a perfect destination for sunrise and sunsets. They offer delicious small plates to have with a couple of drinks. Alternatively, enjoy their signature cocktails. A DJ is available during the weekend to make your experience livelier and for a dynamic atmosphere. Reserve a table through their website.

Bloomsbury Street Kitchen. Pic: @bloomsburykitchen

Coppa Club

Coppa Club is based on a unique pod experience and has the ideal Instagram material. All pod-like igloos are located by the riverside. It has lively vibes decorated with bamboo lanterns, wicker chairs, lots of plants, and the perfect view! It is near the Tower of London with an overlooking view of the river and London bridge. Coppa Club offers modern European cuisine like steaks, pasta, pizza, superfood salads, and a wide selection of drinks and classic cocktails. Check this out for reservation or check out their Instagram page for more information.

Coppa Club. Pic: Coppa Club


Named after the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, Linnaean is a café located in London’s Embassy Gardens. It’s the perfect restaurant with a flower ceiling, pastel colours all over, hanging lights, and delicious healthy food. Their menu is suitable for vegans, flexitarians and those who go for gluten-free or dairy-free meals. Not only does it have a café, but Linnean also has a beauty and spa corner to help you relax and take care of yourself; perfect YOU time is a must! Check out the services they offer and book an appointment through their website.

Liannaean. Pic: @linnaeanliving

Sketch: Gallery Mayfair

Are you a pink lover? Are you looking for an all-pink restaurant? Then Sketch is perfect for you! A Modern European Restaurant in West End, Mayfair near the Oxford Circus station. It is one of the most popular restaurants and bars in London. Going to Sketch will allow you to have a whole experience, from the décor, the food, the art, and the music. If you’re looking for a luxurious outing, Sketch is perfect for you. For more information or booking, check their website.

Sketch. Pic: @sketchlondon


Jikoni is a cosy and SUPER cute restaurant. The décor is so colourful, the sofas, the cushions, and the tablecloth are all patterned to give a homely and comfortable feeling. Jikoni offers a combination of Mediterranean, Asian, British, and East African cuisines. It is an affordable restaurant located at 19-21 Blandford Street, Marylebone. Reserve a table by contacting Jikoni directly or book a table through their website. A Jikoni Shop is open try it out!

Jikoni. Pic: Jikoni Official Website

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is at 197 King’s Road in Chelsea, London. It’s a British and Modern European restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a bar. The interior and the outdoor is a display of vibrant colours. The outdoor is a quiet escape to enjoy your meal, a drink, or a cup of tea with your loved ones. Reserve by contacting them directly or book through their website. Make sure to snap a few pictures in the garden.

The Ivy. Pic: @theivychelsgarden

The Corner Room

The Corner Room is part of the Town Hall Hotel. It’s located on the first floor and is an intimate and cosy space serving European and French cuisine at an affordable price. What makes this place Instagram worthy is the wall filled with hanging lights. Try it out and take a few pictures!

The Corner Room. Pic: @townhallhotel

Brasseries of Light

Brasserie of Light is in Selfridges, near Oxford Street, and is decorated with a great and artistic interior. Brasserie of Light is chic restaurant to visit after a long day of shopping, and they offer a mix of British and International cuisines with delicious cocktails. The grandiose centrepiece, a Pegasus statue made of 24ft crystals with 30ft wings, is the most talked-about. Reserve a table and enjoy a good meal with your loved ones! Don’t forget to take a few shots on Instagram. 

Brasseries of Light. Pic: @brasserieoflight

Dalloway Terrace

This restaurant is one of the best places to visit during spring/summer because of its beautiful and elegant location and decorations. Dalloway Terrace is an exotic and poetic restaurant named after Mrs Dalloway from a classic novel back in 1925, nestled in Bloomsbury near the Tottenham Court Road station. Dalloway Terrace offers a wide range of affordable meals from breakfast, brunch, and also afternoon tea and drinks. It serves mainly British cuisine and vegetarian-friendly meals. Make sure to book a table not to miss out!

Dalloway Terrace. Pic: @dallowayterrace

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