The 8 best essential oil diffusers for an at-home spa experience

Cast your mind back to the last time you stepped foot into a luxury spa. You were probably welcomed by a rich seductive scent that instantly instructed your mind and body that it was time to relax. Now you can recreate this transformative experience in the comfort of your own living room with the help of aromatherapy. 

You’ve probably been reaching for your reed diffuser or scented candle all this time and you’re not alone. Most of us have been burning candles like they’re going out of fashion or purchasing diffusers which barely leave a scent behind. There is an easier solution to this which will eradicate your curtains going up in flames or any risk of spillages. That answer is simply using an electric essential oil room diffuser.

What are essential oil diffusers?

Essential oil diffusers are the latest must-have. They disperse a fragrance for a room, without any harsh ingredients unlike your typical air freshener. The use of essential oils not only adds a beautiful long-lasting scent but also offers the holistic benefits of aromatherapy. They have the power to leave you feeling relaxed, which is seriously needed after lockdown.

Keep scrolling to discover the best essential oil diffusers on offer in 2021 which help create the perfect spa-like experience.

The White Company Electronic Diffuser

The White Company Electronic Diffuser. Pic: The White Company

Sleek, elegant and high quality, this ceramic diffuser is everything you’d expect from The White Company. At just the touch of a button it will transform your space by delivering the perfect level of scent in minutes, whilst adding moisture to the air. With four different time settings, you can choose how long your diffuser will release scent for: 180 minutes, 120 minutes or 60 minutes. The diffuser will automatically shut off at the end of each time set. The chic design means you’ll probably always want this out on display.

Shop the Electronic Diffuser at The White Company, £65

This Works Travel Diffuser

This Works Travel Diffuser. Pic: This Works

Powered by USB, this sleek compact travel diffuser is the perfect option to pack in your suitcase for weekends away to create a mood-lifting atmosphere. Its great instant relaxation as it discharges your chosen essential oil fragrance to create your desired ambiance. Although, if you are using it in a larger room expect a slight delay for the diffuser to release the scent across the whole room.

Shop the This Works Travel Diffuser at Feel Unique, £30

Neom Organics London Wellbeing Pod Diffuser 

Neom Organics London Wellbeing Pod Diffuser. Pic: Neom Organics London

Achieve the ultimate night’s sleep with this fabulous diffuser in a matter of minutes. This diffuser will lift your mood, improve your sleep significantly and help to reduce stress with the mere touch of a button. If you’re worried about falling asleep with this on, don’t be. This features a timer so you can allocate a certain amount of time to have this on for, as well as featuring a low energy LED light, all whilst humidifying the air around you.

Shop the Wellbeing Pod Diffuser from Neom Organics London, £95

ASAKUKI 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser. Pic: Asakuki

This essential oil diffuser features seven different LED light colours depending on your mood, multiple mist timer modes, as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents the diffuser from overheating in case it runs out of water. This device will purify and humidify the air so you will no longer suffer from dry skin! At just £23.99, this is an excellent value for money diffuser with great features.

Shop the ASAKUKI 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser at Amazon, £23.99

Neal’s Yard Remedies Esta Aroma Diffuser

Neal’s Yard Remedies Esta Aroma Diffuser. Pic: Neal’s Yard Remedies

Created from sustainably sourced bamboo, this elegant diffuser has the ability to practically transform any room into a makeshift spa. It’s fine aromatic infused mist is ideal to help counteract drying central heating. The diffuser’s intermittent setting automatically activates the mist every thirty seconds, but its effects are never overpowering.

Shop the Esta Aroma Diffuser at Neal’s Yard Remedies, £57.50

Oliver Bonas Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser 

Oliver Bonas Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser. Pic: Oliver Bonas

This contemporary, Scandi-inspired product is as much a stylish ornament as an aromatherapy diffuser. It’s hard not to be obsessed by the grey-glazed ribbed ceramic dome and compact size. It can fit in almost any room! This diffuser is great at transforming essential oils into a stunning fragrance mist and leaving you soothed and relaxed. There are four different time settings, as well as six colour options for the light, making it a great addition to any space.

Shop the Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser at Oliver Bonas, £45

Serene House Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser

Serene House Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser. Pic: Urban Outfitters

Minimalists will adore this Serene House essential oil diffuser, which is sleek in design and so understated. Maintain serene vibes wherever you go with this compact diffuser, equipped with an auto shut-off function. Simply add water to your favourite essential oils for instant hydration and soothing vibes. It’s available in two different colours – white and pink.

Shop the Serene House Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser at Urban Outfitters, £25

Diptyque Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser 

Diptyque Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser. Pic: Diptyque

The height of home fragrance sophistication, Diptyques’s signature diffuser is unique and a real showstopper. The luxurious gold and which ceramic design looks remarkable. There are definitely some Parisian vibes and those familiar with the brand’s scents will know to expect something truly wonderful. Instead of adding essential oils, this diffuser works by inserting a perfumed pearl-filled cartridge into a slot that releases the aromas of nine Diptyque fragrances. It’s truly a dream!

Shop the Diptyque Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser at John Lewis, £240

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