The secret successes to mental wealth

The phrase “your health is your wealth” is being thrown around more than ever nowadays. The impact on one’s physical health on their mental health should never be underestimated, and that counts for the other way too. From increases in the Monday blues to the lows brought from being confined to bed with migraines, more attention has been drawn to how maintaining mental health is essential to daily functioning.

It’s really empowering to know that so many people are making active changes to take care of themselves, whether that’s physically or mentally. It can be difficult not to drown under the tidal waves of information about self-care. What can a novice do to take practical steps towards greater mental health? What are the small lifestyle changes that will make you feel better on a day to day basis?

Here are a few simple steps towards feeling better inside and out.

Writing about how you feel

Write in a journal. Pic: Getty Images

This is one incredibly simple tip to making you feel better in the long term. Whether it’s a dream diary, journal, or just simple mood boards, keeping a record of how you felt can really combat sadness. The simple method of letting the emotion out by acknowledging them on paper can be really liberating. These records can be also taken to the doctors if ever a reference is needed.

Create something 

Create something. Pic: Getty Images

Channelling feelings into a creative outlet is another way to turn something bad into something good. This is not a way to compete or compare your work to others. It is about putting yourself first and doing something active but healthy with your emotions. Working with your hands is also great stimulation for the mind. You might even discover a hidden talent. 

Prayer and meditation

Meditation. Pic: Getty Images

Centring the mind and focusing on your feelings can help you find the origins of your emotions, which might go a long way in finding solutions. This is also something small that can be done daily to shed light on the parts of the day when you felt happiest. Time to just sit silently with a clear head can be extremely therapeutic.

Making contact

Make contact. Pic: Getty Images

While taking time to be contemplative and alone is wonderful, everything should be done in moderation. It can be equally satisfying to seek out the company and help of a friend or loved one when experiencing downtime. It’s quite natural to isolate yourself in times of crisis, but making conversation with a treasured friend can be instantly uplifting. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a burden and it’s great to remember that those who love you are happy to support you.

Tears of joy 

Laughter. Pic: Getty Images

Laughter is the best medicine? It certainly helps. This point actually relates to emotion in general. Laughter is brought about by something so funny that the emotion physically pours out of you. This goes for any emotion, crying is an obvious one. Continuing the theme of having emotional outlets, crying can be very liberating as you are just letting the emotions out of your body. There’s nothing to be ashamed of and there’s every chance you’ll feel better after you let it out.

Treat time

Online shopping. Pic: Getty Images

Contrary to popular beliefs this one isn’t about being materialistic and self-obsessed. It’s a way to remind yourself of what makes you feel good and give you a bit of pleasure in doing it. A treat is a kind of love letter to yourself. It doesn’t have to be bought either. It can be going for a run, listening to your favourite music or a piece of leftover birthday cake. A small bit of joy can do big things to get you through the day. 

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