Why you should convert to soap bars and which ones you should try

Soap bars. Pic: Getty Images

Soap bars have experienced a surge in popularity and it is easy to see why. The environmental advantages are matched by the efficacy and affordability of these products, not to mention the amount of space you will save having a neat stack of bars in place of dozens of almost-but-not-quite empty bottles of soap. A desire to protect our planet seems to be the most popular reason for converting to soap bars, but what is it about these bars that makes them more eco-friendly than a regular bottle of soap?

Soap bars use minimal or zero packaging. Even soap bottles that claim to be recyclable may not be in certain areas, and any contaminated items will taint the entire batch, which will subsequently be sent to a landfill. Some soap bars will arrive in compostable packaging to conserve landfill space, or small tins which can be reused (more on that later.)

In addition to this, the majority of ingredients in these products will come from sustainable sources, avoiding the depletion of important resources. This means we can happily use these products without having to consider the implication for future generations. Everyone is looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, but once you choose to buy soap bars the next question is: where to start?

Shampoo Bar (Bath, Bubble & Beyond)

Pic: Soul Good Stuff

If you are a blonde babe with broken, bleached locks, then Bath, Bubble & Beyond’s Blonde Ambition Shampoo Bar is perfect for you! Not only does it smell incredible, but it also leaves a silken texture without the build-up seen in many mainstream shampoos. If you struggle with brassy tones, this shampoo will also subtly cool them, leaving a bright blonde behind.

Another option from this brand is the Shine On Shampoo Bar, which is brilliant for those who find themselves reacting to most products. With this product, an itching scalp will become a thing of the past and your hair will look salon-fresh 24/7. Initially these bars may initially look more pricey than your regular shampoo, but when they last at least twice as long you will certainly see long-term savings.

Conditioner Bars (Bath, Bubble & Beyond)

Pic: Soul Good Stuff

Bath, Bubble & Beyond also sell fabulous conditioner bars, often to match with their bars of shampoo. Blonde Ambition and Shine On have the same luxurious effects as the shampoos they are paired with, but the real stand-out product of the conditioner range is the Bounty Hunter Conditioner Bar.

This bar does not create a lather in the same way regular conditioner does, so it certainly takes some getting used to. The initial confusion is worth it once you begin to reap the benefits, as this bar could heal the most nourished of hair whilst radiating a heavenly scent. Just like the shampoo, this bar will easily last twice as long as a regular bottle of conditioner, so the steeper initial spend will actually allow financial savings over a longer period.

Body Wash Bars (The Little Soap Company)

Pic: Little Soap Company

If you have super sensitive skin then The Little Soap Company is the place for you. their Grapefruit and Orange Citrus Body Bar is free of irritating chemicals and hydrates as well as cleanses. Again, the smell is incredible, but not overpowering in the way chemical-infused products often are. The bar usually lasts around three months, saving the money you would spend on the half dozen soap bottles you could get through in the same amount of time.

Facial Bars (The Kentish Soap Company)

Pic: The Kentish Soap Company

If you struggle to find a facial cleanser that does not leave your skin red and irritated then you have to try The Kentish Soap Company facial bars. The Rose Clay Bar gently exfoliates, clearing those pesky blackheads and spots without stripping away moisture. For those with oily skin, The Charcoal Bar will absorb all excess moisture and unclog every pore. These bars are one of the companies newest ventures, which live up to to the incredible standards they have set with their originals.

Body Lotion Bar (Ethique)

Pic: Ethique

Ethique’s Coconut and Lime Body Butter Bar is so hydrating, but also absorbs quickly so you are not left with an inconvenient oily layer on your skin. The fresh citrus scent will last all day, as will the smoothness and hydration. If you prefer sweeter smells, Ethique also sell this bar in Sweet Orange and Vanilla. This bar is on the more expensive side, and does not last as long as others, but the benefits outweigh the slightly higher price.

Hand Lotion Solid (The Kentish Soap Company)

Pic: The Kentish Soap Company

With the pandemic forcing us to lather our hands in nasty, chemical-saturated sanitiser at every turn, the need for a hand cream to counteract the effects of these sanitisers has risen. The Kentish Soap Company are fulfilling this need, with a range of beautiful smelling lotions which deeply moisturise your hands all day long, particularly the Lavender Solid Hand Cream Bar. It’s not just the product itself which is useful though, the tin in which it’s sold can also be reused (after a thorough clean) for food storage, a jewellery box, a candle holder, or anything your imagination takes you to! There is no end to the good things that can be said about this product.

Foot Lotion Solid (The Kentish Soap Company)

Pic: The Kentish Soap Company

Another recommendation for the Kentish Soap Company is their amazing Peppermint Solid Foot Bar. This bar seems to last forever as you only need a little to reap a lot of rewards. This bar soothes away all dryness and comes in the same handy little tin as the hand lotions. It is the perfect finishing touch to a collection of soap bars which will leave your body feeling its best!

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