Madison Beer shares the nicest message to fans about the reality of Instagram

Madison Beer went candid to her Instagram followers this morning as she shared a heartfelt message about the reality of Instagram.

After posting two selfies to her Instagram page, the image blew up with comments about her appearance and captivating features. However, Madison was quick to comment and reveal the reality behind what seemed to be effortless images.

One person commented, “The fact I’m using my hair the same way but I look 100 times worseđź’€”

Another commented, “IS SHE EVEN REAL?!”

These type of comments sparked Madison to react in the most honest and kindest way.

Madison posted to her Instagram stories. Pic: @madisonbeer

“I want to touch on something after reading some of the comments on my last post, I hate the culture we’ve created that makes girl think they have to compare themselves to one another… that someone else’s beauty takes away from your own. I promise you 99% of my time is spent at home in sweats, no makeup, looking nothing like my recent images. I wish this was common sense. No one looks like their Instagram profile all the time, no one lives the life they portray online. Everyone’s trying to put their best foot forward. Everyone’s trying to impress each other.”

“There’s so much u don’t see. The two hours of hair and makeup, the beauty light I’m sitting in front of, the 700 pictures that I took before I find one I’m satisfied with. I cover up my insecurities to protect myself from the damage it would cause to see other people pointing them out over and over in the comments section. It’s all something we fall victim to – I’m not immune the way u think I am – I literally spent so much time rotting my brain by comparing myself to people on social media.. I still do. It’s a trap I have to dig myself out of over and over.”

“Life is so much more than physical appearance I promise u. The most boring vapid people are the ones who ONLY put the state on the outside. I try and be as vocal about this as I can because I want to change the conversation into one that allows all women to coexist and beautiful in a way that’s more than deep skin. COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY. Please don’t let it fool you.”

Madison then followed her Instagram stories with a series of images about the expectation and portrayal of what fans see, compared to the reality that lies behind the camera.

Pic: @madisonbeer

Madison followed the images with the captions, “here’s when my skin cleared up about a year ago… this is all you would’ve ever known / seen… here was my skin 4 years ago !!! did I ever post thing? Most definitely not!”

Pic: @madisonbeer

“Here’s what I posted on new years last year… here’s how my night actually went.”

Instagram can be a toxic network and thankfully the reality is slowly being portrayed by more influencers and celebrities. Madison, along with other celebrities, are honest about the reality behind the camera, and making the social media app more of a real portrayal of everyday life.

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