Euphoria 2 has begun filming

Rue and Jules. Pic: HBO Euphoria

The time has finally come and Euphoria has proceeded to film with its second season!

The filming of Euphoria’s next season has been nothing but excitable rumours and speculation. It isn’t until now that stars of the show have confirmed their onset position. Euphoria season two’s filming was originally delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and had performance pushed back, along with other major television shows and movies.

Taking to Instagram, Sydney Sweeney, who plays the role of Cassie Howard, posted a rather exciting image to her Instagram story, hinting that she’s on set for season two. Zendaya, playing the role of drug addict, Rue Bennett, also took to Instagram to post an image to her Instagram story of the extremely recognisable shoes. Rue’s worn Converse All Star trainers were instantly recognisable.

Pic: @sydney_sweeney & @zendaya

Zendaya posted the image with the caption, “Home sweet home.”

These extra additions to the filming of Euphoria’s second season has us extremely excited. Euphoria’s first season left the viewers with lots of unanswered questions, waiting in anticipation as we saw Zendaya’s character, Rue, relapse.

Rue Bennett. Pic: HBO Euphoria

On 6 December, fans were gifted one of two special episodes with relation to the Euphoria series, “Trouble Don’t Last Always.” The first episode focused on Rue Bennett in a barely edited cut, where she speaks all things real and raw with Ali, played by Colman Domingo.

Seven weeks later, on 24 January, the last of the special episodes was aired, titled, “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob.” Released by HBO, the second special episode focused on the character, Jules Vaughn, played by Hunter Schafer. The episode centred around Jules, giving us an insight into her mum’s struggle with alcoholism and the parallels that she finds with Rue and her parents.

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