How to celebrate Easter weekend during lockdown

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown restrictions still in place, Easter will be spent at home this year, yet again. With a little creativity, you can easily create a memorable holiday celebration. Don’t fear, even at a social distance or another virtual meet-up on zoom, there are many opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable weekend.

Enjoy an Easter-themed afternoon tea

Afternoon tea Easter box. Pic: Conrad/BLUE BOR

Celebrate the long bank holiday weekend, with an Easter themed afternoon tea delivered to your front door. Conrad London St. James’ Easter boxes give you the possibility to recreate an easter afternoon tea experience at home. The five-star luxury hotel tearoom, based in London, decided to create a special Easter-inspired package to celebrate this holiday in style.

Inside the box, customers will find a whole host of Easter-inspired treats such as simnel cake, bunny macaroons, and a jivara chocolate and passion fruit tartlet, topped with a cute bird’s nest and mini-eggs. The box also contains finger sandwiches, and the opportunity to add a bottle of Pommery Champagne. All these yummy treats come in a gorgeous box that also works as a cake stand, keeping all the treats safe and on display. The set also contains a choice of organic teas.

Price: Champagne. £55.00 for two, £99 including champagne.

Bake Easter treats

Easter bunny biscuits. Pic: Parker Feierbach

Are you craving a delicious Easter cake, but your favourite restaurants and shops are closed? This weekend is time to wear the apron and bake your own special Easter treats! Super fun rocky roads, Creme Egg brownies, and homemade donuts filled with chocolate are just some of the creative and sweet Easter recipes out there. However, if you are looking for something more traditional then you cannot go wrong with a simple simnel cake. This lightly spiced dessert with dried fruit and mixed peel is the perfect way to celebrate Easter. Whether you choose a traditional or creative approach, this weekend is the perfect time to test your Easter-style baking skills.

Prepare the perfect Easter-themed cocktails

Easter bunny cocktails. Pic: PEEPS

This warm weather inspires us to round up some refreshing recipes that you will enjoy all season long, as well as Easter weekend. Peep This is the perfect drink to enjoy to complete the perfect Easter brunch. The cocktails are creamy, delicious, and are completed with the most iconic and colourful Easter sweets.

Try this recipe!


1.5 oz Código 1530 Rosa tequila
.75 oz lemon juice
.75 oz agave nectar
4 raspberries
1 egg white

Enjoy an Easter picnic under a cherry blossom tree

Cherry blossom tree. Pic: Armon Arani

The 2021 cherry blossom season is drawing closer, so enjoy this weekend with an Easter themed picnic, under a gorgeous cherry blossom tree. London and many other cities in the UK have plenty of marvellous places to see and appreciate the blooming flowers. This Sunday, fill your basket with Easter treats, and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in your favourite park. Cherry blossom season famously begins in April and lasts for approximately two weeks so don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

Have a virtual family gathering on Easter Sunday

Virtual family gathering. Pic: Getty Images

Holidays are a time for families and friends. Many Easter traditions have been put on hold but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t restrict from seeing your loved ones. This Easter weekend, join your family members virtually to enjoy the holiday celebration with a virtual family gathering. Once you have got your Zoom call set up, you can continue with your delicious Easter lunch. You can put the camera at the top of your table, and it will almost feel like you are all finally in the same room again, (not long now!)

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